"This is a book I simply could not put down. I've read very few books about war, or anything else, for that matter, that have moved me quite like this one. It's so smart, so personal, so touching, and so very well written. . . .(Minefields of the Heart) is political, philosophical, brutally honest, and ultimately hopeful. And to its credit, it is equal parts cerebral and emotional, reflecting both the journalist and mother in Diaz."
– Jamie Reno, Home Post on,
website of San Diego's public radio station
"Sue Diaz has managed to make her family's story both unique and universal. Her work is a window into the ordeal that every service member's loved ones endure, with every deployment, and for that, she has done us a great service by making their sacrifices palpable."
- from the foreword by Jim Frederick, author of Black Hearts:
One Platoon's Descent into Madness in Iraq's Triangle of Death
"Sometimes, if we are lucky, a gentle voice emerges from the monotonous babble to speak a truth, small or large, obvious or not. And as the political left and right wage mind-numbing word wars over U.S. military involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, San Diego author Sue Diaz's gentle voice rises above the fray and begs our attention ---- not with glennbeckian outrage, not with self-righteous bombast, not with armchair general postulating, but with the tender and sorrowfully sane tale she tells in "Minefields of the Heart: A Mother's Stories of a Son at War." Diaz's book is not a grand or passionate characterization of a controversial war; it is so much more. "Minefields of the Heart" is wondrous and eloquent in its intimacy, in its simplicity, in the unquestionable stories of a mother and son entwined in a war that will be debated for generations."
- North County Times
"Harrowing, hopeful, and beautifully written. Ernie Pyle meets Anne Lamott."
– Sharon Bray, author of When Words Heal
"'Minefields of the Heart' is an honest, thoughtful, and heart-warming account of a mother's love for her son and the many great veterans like him. Sue Diaz takes the reader through a personal account of the emotional burden so many shoulder while loved ones serve in harm's way. Her understanding of the struggles of veterans and their families after deployment is genuine, accurate, heart-wrenching, and healing."
- Bret A. Moore, Psy.D and two-tour
veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom
" Diaz's memoir provides unique insights into the challenges faced by military families. Diaz's emotional honesty is matched by her stellar writing: her prose is polished and, at times, achieves a quiet, soaring lyricism."
- Christian Science Monitor
"'Minefields of the Heart' is a brilliant, beautiful, and compelling book."
– William P. Mahedy, author of Out of the Night:
The Spiritual Journey of Vietnam Vets
"It is a book to break your heart, and to heal it."
– Pat Schneider, author of Writing Alone and With Others
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Minefields of the Heart:
A Mother's Stories of a Son at War

List price: $17.95

Publication Date: July 2010
Potomac Books, Inc.
ISBN 978-1597975155